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Do People Still Blog?

The first thing I did after deciding I might change up the format of my website was poke around to see if anyone blogged anymore. It seems to me that people are all wrapped up in Facebook and other social sites like that. I have friends that seem to religiously post on Facebook every single day and I wondered if people still do any blogging. Well it seems they do. I have noticed my self, now that I pay attention, that when researching a topic for work or other areas of interest often the sites presented by Google are in fact peoples blogs. I have used many examples of techniques for programming and other things like that from peoples blogs. Although I must say that one thing that really does irritate me is those who simple copy the posting of someone else and present it as their own simply in order to appear to have an active blog.
Another thing that one article mentioned (search for Is blogging dead and you get lots of interesting hits) was the use of a blog space as a way of branding oneself. Although I am not sure I agree with our societies current trend to treat people as products it is likely that is the direction that this site will take as it develops and I continue to add to it.
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